Your guide to booking a luxury yacht charter

How to find the right yacht for me?

Do you want to know more and understand how booking a luxury yacht works? We wanted to simplify the process as much as possible. Therefore, before contacting your broker, please consider the following five-question checklist.

1.) When and where
Every destination has its season. Give your broker the dates and duration of your luxury yacht charter. The more flexible you can be, the more options we offer you.

2.) Number of guests
Usually, our luxury yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests, but we also have attractive options if your group is larger than 12 pax.

3.) Activities
Following your interests, we can tailor your charter to include your preferred activities (cultural and historical visits, water sports, diving or snorkeling, shopping, nightlife, etc.).

4.) How long should I charter for?
Most clients rent yachts for seven to fourteen days, with rates quoted by the week.

5.) Your budget?
Charters cost can vary from 10,000€ per week on smaller gulets and catamarans, on the most luxurious yachts, to 150,000€ per week. Like July and August in Croatia, rates are usually higher during the season peak.

Answer 5 questions and receive a detailed description of your ideal yachting holiday and how you should plan to get the most out of every day on board.

(This quiz has been demonstrated to improve the quality of your yacht charter experience by up to 57%!)

How to book a luxury yacht in Croatia

Do you want to know more and understand how booking a luxury yacht works? To make the process as easy as possible, we have prepared this 5 – question guidance for you to consider before contacting your broker.


A step by step guide to the luxury yacht charter in Croatia

A step by step guide to the how to charter a luxury yacht in Croatia

Charter A Luxury Yacht
Let us know your requirements

Answer the questions above and supply your agent with as much information and data as possible so they can easily design your dream cruise. After receiving your inquiry, our brokers will offer you a list of yachts that meet your criteria based on your information.

Choose your dream yacht

Go through the offers carefully, look at the photos and brochures and watch the videos to see how the holiday on each yacht seems clear. Brokers are here to answer all your questions and doubts that you may have and to help you choose your perfect vessel.

Finalize your booking

Once you have made your final decision and are ready to finalize the booking, we will prepare the paperwork. First, you will need to return a signed copy of the contract to us and make the first part of the payment (usually 50%). The second payment will need to be made 45 days before your charter.

Work with us on details

Depending on how far in advance you have booked, contact us around two months before your charter if you have some special requirements. For example, if you have itinerary ideas, unique places you would like to visit, or any other questions, our specialists will gladly help you. In addition, we will be happy to arrange transfers and guided tours, give you hotel or restaurant recommendations, etc.

Fill out your preference list

Two months before your charter, we will send you a preference list to fill out. You will need to provide us with the information about each passenger in the group (personal ID), so the crew can register your arrival to the authorities. Also, in the preference list, you will write down all your preferences (food and drinks), special dietary requirements, itinerary suggestions, etc. Finally, if you want your charter to be truly memorable and tailored, write down your favorite flowers, music, cosmetics, etc.

Do not forget your boarding pass

A week or two before your charter, we will prepare your boarding pass, in which you can find all information you may require while on charter: port address (embarkation and disembarkation), significant phone numbers (captain, transfer), etc. You will also find information about extra payments you need to make while onboard, like port and marina fees. We advise having it on you while on charter.

Right timing is crucial

How far in advance should I contact a charter broker?

We advise you to book your luxury yacht charter in advance because we usually start to receive booking confirmations for the next season while the current season is still at its peak.

Planning your vacation eight to twelve months in advance will give you more options. For example, if the selected week of travel is during high season and you have a preferred yacht on your list to charter, then booking in advance is necessary.

We recommend booking for low-season weeks at least four to eight months in advance. This way, we will offer more options from which you can choose! However, be aware that availability often changes quickly.

Searching for the perfect boat takes effort, but it’s worth every minute, so we advise you to take your time. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will be happy to keep the desired boat for you for a few days until you decide. We always make sure our clients come first. However, if we’ve sent you an offer and you do not reply for weeks, some of the boats we have offered may no longer be available when you next contact us.

Book a luxury yacht in Croatia
Useful information

How to pack for a yacht charter vacation?

While preparing for your yacht charter vacation, you need to have in mind some special rules of life on board. Therefore, we have prepared a few tips for stress-free packing.

Firstly you need to consider possible space limitations, so we advise you to bring only a few suitcases (instead you should take two smaller ones). However, as you will spend most of the day on a boat, you only need a few clothing items.

A swimming suit (s) with light cover-ups (like dresses and light shirts) would be an excellent choice. But also bring a sweater, light jacket, or something similar for chilly summer nights. Follow a similar philosophy in choosing shoes. Light, soft rubber soles that will not damage the wooden floors on board – are a great choice. You are going to spend most of your time barefoot anyway.

While aboard, you will soon realize that sunscreen is what you need most during your cruise. But, most importantly, remember your documents, boarding pass, cell phone, and any necessary medications. Everything else will be more or less available on board.


Yacht charter etiquette

  • To protect the decks, shoes for ashore should not be worn onboard. Soft deck shoes are acceptable, but many guests relax barefoot while onboard.
  • If you wish to travel with your pet, please ensure you have advised your charter consultant so that they can find you a pet-friendly yacht.
  • If possible, pack in soft luggage bags or check in advance how many cases can be stowed, as space for large, hard cases can be limited.
  • Smoking is usually not permitted inside the yacht for safety reasons. While many yachts operate a policy of smoking permitted on deck only, please check with your consultant on the rule of your chosen yacht.
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