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How to Charter a Luxury Yacht in Croatia: Essential Tips & FAQs

Some Q & A regarding luxury crewed yacht rental and charter in Croatia.

What do you need to charter a luxury yacht in Croatia? Can anyone hire a luxury boat in Croatia? So, unlike small charter boats that bareboat or non-crewed yacht charter, you don’t need a valid nautical certificate of competence (ICC) and VHF radio certificate in crewed charter. In this type of charter, you need only a valid ID document. Luxury sailing yachts and motor sailors, or even mini cruisers, are only chartered with crew and captain, of course, and therefore you don’t need any maritime skills. Therefore, what you need are valid travel documents:

– If you’re an EU citizen, you’ll generally only need an ID card.
– If you’re from the U.S., Canada, or Australia, you’ll most likely only need a passport.

You can remain up to 90 days with just these documents; no visas are required, except in some other countries. Make sure your travel documents are at least three months valid.

Why should I choose Mastercharter to rent a yacht?

Over the past 16 years, we have developed a unique formula for identifying the primary demands of the modern, crewed yacht charter customer. As a result of concentrating our efforts on the Croatian luxury yacht charter boat market in the previous few years, we’ve established ourselves as an authority in the area.

Where is the most suitable place to start with luxury yacht charter in Croatia?

When it comes to arranging the ideal vacation, we have the expertise to make it happen for you. Your ultimate luxury holiday in Croatia will go off without a hitch, thanks to our knowledge of the most incredible spots and our ability to tailor the schedule to your specific needs. In addition, with their extensive knowledge of Croatian yachting, our staff will help you find the ideal vessel and crew for your vacation.

Moreover, why would you want to make your reservation with us?

We are the one of the first luxury yacht charter companies in Croatia for luxury crewed ships, that provides all types of vessels, providing the most comprehensive service in the region. Those are luxury sailing yachts, luxury mini cruisers, luxury gulets, luxury motor sailors, or classic yachts in order of preference. Although we have been in the market for 16 years, we know that finding a suitable vessel for your party is only half the action.

As a result, THE CLIENT is our number one priority. Everything is taken care of by us.

So, regardless of whether you’re:

– With a bunch of kids;
– A married couple with no kids;
– Seniors as a group
– A mix of individuals ranging in age and ethnicity;

We provide a wide range of services, including custom-designed programs, activities, and routes.

Luxury yacht charter Croatia
Finally, what is the yacht charter booking procedure like?

Upon submitting the inquiry form, a list of boats that are a good fit for your group will be emailed to you. Afterward, you may pick a ship and be assigned a personal concierge to handle all of your needs. That covers the preparations before, during, and following the journey. You may even hire a personal concierge to accompany you on board for the whole 7-day trip if you want the ultimate luxury treatment. Having a trusted local person who can supply you with the most incredible ideas and recommendations is crucial when traveling. We supply our clients with a diverse range of Croatian crewed yachting choices.

What do you need to charter a luxury yacht in Croatia?

Can anyone hire a luxury boat in Croatia?
Unlike small charter boats or non-crewed yacht charter, you don’t need a valid nautical certificate of competence (ICC) and VHF radio certificate in a luxury crewed yacht charter…

How much does it cost to charter a luxury sailing yacht in Croatia?

Cruising and sailing Croatia in elegance and comfort is a great way to see the country. From €20.000 per week to €90.000 per week, you have a choice. The cost of a yacht  charter varies depending on its size, amenities, and category. Potential extra expenses are food, beverages, A.P.A., port fees, and tourist taxes. It’s also possible to ask for extras that aren’t included in the pricing.

What is not included in the price of the rental?

Port taxes, private marinas, and the A.P.A. are all factors to consider when deciding where to eat and drink.

How can I make a reservation for a private yacht charter?

Please make the most of your time by exploring all the Croatian charter boats, whether you do it yourself or with our assistance. When it comes to yacht charters, we only employ the best methods available, and we have direct access to every vessel that is available for rental. Yachts that stand out for their overall quality, price, performance, value, and crew have been recognized on this page.

How big are luxury yachts on average in Croatia when it comes to luxury boats?

Our selection of luxury sailing yachts ranges from 30 to 60 meters in length. In addition, 6 to 9 cabins are available onboard that may accommodate anywhere up to 12 persons. Luxurious boats are equipped with a wide range of features. Clients may find a wide range of facilities, such as a jacuzzi, water sports equipment, strong tenders, a swimming pool, sauna, fitness center, massage area, etc.

Why should you book your luxury yacht charter with us?

A guide to yacht charter in Croatia

Chartering A Yacht In Croatia

There’s a good chance you’ll want to return to Croatia after your first boat charter there because the country’s coast has so much magnificent scenery, natural beauty, and hidden coves with turquoise waters for swimming. Not to mention the wealth of ancient sites and medieval towns to be found in the interior of Croatia. Yacht charter destinations are plenty, and our experts are here to help you choose the ideal one for you. Some of our boat charters start in Split or Dubrovnik’s famous Old Town before venturing off to the islands. Hvar, a cosmopolitan island known for its nightlife, historic sites, wineries, and lavender fields, is one of the most popular destinations on a private boat cruising the Croatian islands for a week. Croatia charter boats may also be anchored in Korcula, a picture-perfect walled town with gates, ramparts, and turrets straight out of a fairy tale.

The Captain may dock a yacht on land for excursions such as visiting local vineyards, learning about the process of manufacturing your favorite wine, and possibly meeting the winemaker to talk about the history of the wine and a taste. While dining on a new island each night, you’ll likely be treated to a breathtaking sunset. Sailing between Croatia’s many islands is a favorite play, and chartering a sailing or crewed boat is a great way to do it.

What’s the point of renting one of these yachts when vacationing in Croatia?

Croatia has become one of the most wanted-after sailing destinations globally.  The water here is crystal clear, the food delicious, and the scenery is breathtaking. For a fantastic Adriatic Sea vacation, rent a luxury boat in Croatia. The stunning coastline, dotted with vineyards and olive groves, as well as hundreds of uninhabited islands just waiting to be discovered, justifies its reputation as a premier sailing destination. As the Mediterranean Sea’s clearest seas, it’s easy to understand why this is a favorite destination for yacht charters. Thanks to its stunning scenery, pleasant climate, and diverse cultural heritage, Croatia has always been a popular tourist destination. Croatia is the ideal spot for a luxury yacht charter, where you may have a holiday of a lifetime. For centuries, Croatia has been a crossroads between the old Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, making it an ideal place to learn about its rich cultural heritage.

Is it right for me to charter a luxury yacht in Croatia?

There are more then 1200 islands in Croatia and medieval cities, stunning bays, national parks, and ancient archaeological sites. The sea is crystal blue, and the food is delicious, with a Mediterranean influence. As a result, she’s an excellent spot for boaters.

A guide to yacht charter in Croatia

Luxury boat charters flock to Croatia in the summer. However, when it comes to experienced yachters, the Dalmatian Coast is often likened to the French Riviera in Eastern Europe. The Dalmatian Coast, one of the Eastern Mediterranean’s most popular cruising locations, is best explored from a Croatia luxury yacht rental deck.

Extensive Knowledge of Charters

The cobble-stoned alleyways and old promenades of Croatia are waiting for you if you decide to get ashore while on a yacht charter. However, if you want to lay back, relax, and be on the sea, the Dalmatian Coast is for you. It’s a spot where you can enjoy the view from your boat without worrying about being seen. There are several marinas and deep-water bays where you may anchor peacefully, making this a perfect sailing ground. Brac, Hvar, and Korula are the most well-known islands in the region. It’s a world away from the busy waterfronts that its smaller neighbors keep quiet. Furthermore, the intelligent walled cities of Dubrovnik and Split provide breathtaking vistas worth seeing. This is the real Dalmatian Coast, stretching northward from Dubrovnik to Split.

Advice from a Professional – What are the best ways to schedule a yacht rental in Croatia?


Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about Croatian yacht charters. Let us know your travel plans, including the number of people, how active you want your vacation to be, and how much money you have to work with. Our travel experts will work with you to develop a customized itinerary. At any moment, we are happy to provide you with Croatia boat charter guidelines and discuss your alternatives.


We’ll recommend routes, boat types, and charter trips that take in the country’s most popular islands, as well as some lesser-known treasures that we know you’ll like. If you have any questions about the islands, you’ll be visiting or the amenities at the overnight marinas, we’ll be happy to help.


On each of the islands we visit with our yachts, we have an impressive network of connections and knowledgeable local guides. The Blue Cave in Bisevo, a Jeep safari in Vis, a visit to the Krka National Park, and fresh oyster harvesting in Ston are just a few of the activities our guests like the most.


When it comes to nutrition and beverage selections, now is the best time to tell us about any special requirements you may have. After that, we’ll pass it around to the rest of the yacht’s crew. In addition to being a professional captain and hostess, all of our luxury sailing charter packages come with an experienced crew. Our catamaran’s hostess is on hand to cater a tasty and freshly made breakfast and lunch for our visitors. In addition, the hostess cleans the boat while the guests are having a good time. It’s never been so luxurious to sail Croatia’s islands!


Because we are a licensed and bonded charter travel agency, you can rest easy knowing that your deposit and the remaining amount are secure. In addition, you can reach our regional office in Split at any time of day for assistance. Our staff will also assist clients who need PCR testing prior to returning home.


Small coves with stones and boulders and lovely remote sandy beaches that can only be reached by boat are just some of the options available to yacht charterers visiting Croatia. Get your snorkeling and diving gear out and ask your Captain and crew for the finest spots to explore underwater because the sea is crystal clear and, unlike many Mediterranean shores, is teeming with marine life. Of course, it’s not only diving and sunbathing that you may do in the ocean. While vacationing in Croatia, there is a wide variety of water toys to choose from. A comprehensive list of amenities and extras is available from our brokers, so be sure to inquire about the features of the yacht you’re interested in purchasing.


To enjoy the best cuisine and wine on vacation, be prepared to sample a range of Mediterranean produce and meals. A ‘personal’ chef is one of the pleasures of chartering a boat in Croatia. When it comes to food, chefs on superyachts use the greatest and freshest foods available, typically sourcing them from local farmers and producers. They have years of expertise in fine-dining restaurants or five-star hotels and are incredibly skilled. You will be asked about your food preferences, allergies, intolerances, or wishes before you go for your vacation to design a tailored menu and stock up on all the required items. Fresh fish and shellfish, salads, and olive oil from the region’s olive groves characterize the coastal cuisine of Croatia. Many dishes are complemented with high-quality Dalmatian wines made by local vineyards and winemakers. The cuisine has a strong Mediterranean flavor, and there are many options.

Tips and Ideas for Visiting Croatia – Itineraries for Croatian yacht charters

We will help you organize your yacht vacation in Croatia even more efficiently, and it highlights the most significant things to do and see while you’re there. Charter professionals with extensive local expertise contribute their insights and advice for our in-depth pieces.

The itineraries provided here are meant to inspire you to visit the region and give you an idea of the most extraordinary things to do while you’re there. To choose the best yacht charter broker, you need to know what you want from your holiday, as well as what sort of boat you want to rent and when you want to go.

Croatia Averages for Climate and Weather

It’s easy to determine when the time of year is best for your specific needs when you use our comprehensive climate guidelines for every charter zone throughout the world. Watersports enthusiasts, for example, want to make sure they go during the hottest months of the year to maximize their time in the water with their luxury toys.

In contrast, certain regions may get quite hot in the summer; therefore, charterers should arrange their trips as soon as possible to avoid discomfort.

Even though private superyacht vacations are most prevalent during the peak summer months, there are numerous other factors to consider when designing your trip. This month-by-month breakdown of each destination’s best months to visit is based on our extensive climate data collection.

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How To Charter A Gulet In Croatia

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