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Alice Fiering and Cheap Drinking, Who Knew?

Alice Fiering and Cheap Drinking, Who Knew?

I was as surprised as I was delighted by this swanky cheap wine chart penned by Alice Feiring for The New York Times.  Surprised because Alice is usually recommending natural wines (or Naked Wine based on her latest book) to the world; and delighted because it is always good to get good cheap wine recommendations. ...
"Italianess":  Does it exist?

“Italianess”: Does it exist?

Italian – ness:  [It-al-iyan-iss] Noun.  1. The state of being Italian.  2. To be or to personify Italian spirit.  3. The thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of a culture of people, places, and things, which happen to be Italian. I think that a sense of “Italianess” is more present...