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Ridge Vineyard's Other Varietals

Ridge Vineyard’s Other Varietals

Ridge Vineyards is one of California’s greatest treasures, and one of the reasons that I became enchanted by wine.  And while they are known for their impressive range of Zinfandel’s, and most of all for their Monte Bello Cabernet Savignon, they also have some great bottlings of some other well known and less so well...
Ridge Vineyard's Paul Draper on “Pre-Industrial Winemaking”

Ridge Vineyard’s Paul Draper on “Pre-Industrial Winemaking”

Before I knew anything about wine other than I liked it, I found Ridge Vineyards.  When I first tried Ridge, I fell in love with wine.  It tasted different from other wines, and I knew that my life would be forever changed.  It is what wine lovers refer to as an epiphany wine, for me. ...
Ridge Vineyards Wine Tasting @ Union Square Wines

Ridge Vineyards Wine Tasting @ Union Square Wines

I barely made it onto the list for a tasting of wines from one of my all time favorite wineries, Ridge Vineyards.  It virtually sold out immediately and I went on the waiting list and got lucky enough to score a couple of seats.  Winemaker Eric Baugher was on hand to discuss Ridge and walk...