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Do Bianchi, Sotto, & the Pursuit of the New

Do Bianchi, Sotto, & the Pursuit of the New

We found ourselves in L.A. again.  And since we were in L.A. we were back at Sotto.  Most importantly we were there because it was my friend Jeremey Parzen’s (author of Do Bianchi) last stint there before taking a hiatus back in Austin with his wife Tracey P. in order for them to await the...
"Italianess":  Does it exist?

“Italianess”: Does it exist?

Italian – ness:  [It-al-iyan-iss] Noun.  1. The state of being Italian.  2. To be or to personify Italian spirit.  3. The thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of a culture of people, places, and things, which happen to be Italian. I think that a sense of “Italianess” is more present...