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Bodegas Marañones "Piesdescalzos" 2009 Albillo

Bodegas Marañones “Piesdescalzos” 2009 Albillo

Every time I try a white wine from Bodegas Marañones I am completely seduced.  In some way I feel like someone has slipped me a mickey and I am being conned.  There is such a richness and depth, that I feel like there is new oak carefully laced through the wine to caress me into...
Bodega Marañones:  Labros Garnacha 2008

Bodega Marañones: Labros Garnacha 2008

Today we check back in on my favorite new producer from Spain, Bodegas Marañones, with their pure 2008 Garnacha offering “Labros”.  And by new I mean that this is a new bodega, with a very talented young wine maker (Fernando ‘Fer’ Garcia), doing amazing things in a natural way.  All this right out of the...
Rock Star Wine:  Bodegas Marañones

Rock Star Wine: Bodegas Marañones

Fernando ‘Fer’ Garcia is a rock star when it comes to wine making.  Everything I have tried from this exceptional producer, Bodegas Marañones, has been amazing.  The white wine was the first one to grab me, and you can see what I had to say about that here, but needless to say it has been...