This is a little place where there are just bits and pieces about the philosophy, ideas, and habits of The Zinfidel.  The blog is set out with the intention of being easy to navigate, with nice images, not too much clutter, no advertisements, and hopefully good solid old fashioned content.  It was also set out with the intent of producing as much of the imagery as possible and presenting it in a more visually exciting manner.  The Zinfidel was born out of a desire to try and keep track of wine I was drinking, events I was attending, etc., and to share it with anyone and everyone who was willing to listen.  Instead of dear diary, it became:  “Why not blog about it?”  After some trial and error, name changes and platform changes, and constant revision, here were are.  I try not to geek out too much over wine.  But sometimes it just can’t be helped I guess.  The Zinfidel certainly does not profess to know everything about wine, or even to know better than anyone else.  But there is an opinion behind what is written, everyone’s got one apparently.  This is about a journey, one which began a long time ago, and will hopefully continue on as long as the powers that be see fit.  As ever, this is a constantly changing world, and The Zinfidel wine blog is no exception.  The Zinfidel is not necessarily a natural wine advocate, but most wines I seem to prefer have a foot in the natural camp.  Cheers!