Wines from France’s Jura region are beginning to get some serious attention here in NYC, and elsewhere.  They are stocked in the best shops and are popping up on restaurant menus.  Yet they remain relatively unknown to most people.  The region, located east of Burgundy in France, has a long history of traditional wine making.  It is small compared to many other wine making regions in France, so the wine can be harder to come by, but Jura wines are worth seeking out and trying.  Trousseau, Poulsard (aka Ploussard), Pinot Noir, Savagnin, and Chardonnay are the grapes typically being grown throughout the Jura.  There are many great producers, but none is probably more well known than Jacques Puffeney.  He is known as “The Pope of Arbois”.  I have tasted a couple of his reds and one white and they are very interesting wines.  The wines are carried by many of my favorite local shops (Uva, Le Du, Frankly Wines, and Chambers Street) and typically retail for between $20-$30.  This is a region worth exploring.  I know I am…

"Bottles from the Jura also usually have their top dipped in wax. Very classy indeed!"

2007 Jacques Puffeney – Trousseau Cuvée “Les Bérangeres” – Arbois, Jura

The color of the Trousseau is very light translucent strawberry.  On the nose there are tart sour cherry and lavender notes.  The sour cherries are present in the mouth, along with bright acidity.  The finish is tart and sour, and there is a metallic/kerosene note there as well, but it does seem to fade with some air.  Interesting, but not amazing.  RECOMMENDED

2007 Jacques Puffeney – Pinot Noir – Arbois, Jura

Medium garnet in color with hues of purple as well.  The nose is meaty with hints of earth, dark tart cherry, pepper, rhubarb, and high toned notes.  The mouth feel is racy with good acidity.  This wine brings you back for another sip as it evolves and changes.  Finish is still a bit dry, but with air and time it fades.  Feels like a mythical combo of Burgundy and Barolo?  Have tasted this wine on several occasions recently, it has been consistently amazing each time.  It should age very well for 5-10 years, but is drinking very well right now.  MUST BUY – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

"My vote for most interesting Chardonnay."

2006 Jacques Puffeney – Chardonnay – Arbois, Jura

This is not Chardonnay like you have had it before.  Definitely not California Chardonnay, not that there is anything wrong with California Chardonnay.

The Puffeney Chardonnay is a deep earthy yellow with an almost rusty cast.  There are flavors of pear brandy, almonds, and olive oil.  There is also a great minerality and the wine is rich without being heavy.  A very intriguing expression of Chardonnay.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

"Neal Rosenthal brings in the Jacques Puffeney wines. A Rosenthal label on the back of a bottle of wine is a guarantee that you will be having a great experience."