It is very possible to go out today and find a nice bottle of Bordeaux with some age on it for a decent price.  For those who love Bordeaux, you know that everyone is caught up in the hype of the 2009 vintage.  It is supposed to be legendary, and so are the prices.  I say forget that stuff, which is not even being released for another couple years, and go out and find yourself some affordable bottles with some nice age on them that you can drink tonight.  With the wine world focused on selling the 2009 vintage at high prices, wine retailers are offering great deals on the Bordeaux that they have on their shelves right now.  The 1999 Chateau Simard and 2001 Chateau Merville are both available today at decent prices at Astor Wines.  And while wine from vintages prior to 2000 are harder to come by, there are still many 2001 wines out there at good prices.  More so, the 2004 and 2006 vintages are both very good and there are hundreds of wines from great Bordeaux Chateau available in the market today.

1999 Chateau Simard, Saint-Emilion – $22.99

The Simard did not initially offer up much on the nose but with some time to breath, it developed subtle red fruit aromas which gave way to a nice notes of smoke and charcoal.  The wine is very smooth and balanced, but lacked a bit of character overall to make it outstanding.  ON THE FENCE

2001 Chateau Merville, Saint-Estephe – $26.99

The Merville, which is the second wine of Chateau Coutelin-Merville, has classic old school Bordeaux written all over it.  On the nose there is dark earthy fruit, notes of smoke, and a touch of barnyard funk.  I loved swirling this wine around and taking in the classic aromas.  In the mouth the wine is a well balanced and semi plush.  It is a blend of 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet from 30 year old plus vines.  Great old world stuff at a fair price.  RECOMMENDED