Yup, I dare you to come up with a bottle of Bordeaux from the 2001 vintage that you can buy (today) for about $40ish that can roll with this mofo.  Okay, I know we are not even talking about the same grape varieties but there is a thread here.  Like this is what great Bordeaux used to be like and this stuff is still keeping it real.  Hailing from the Bandol (Provence) region of France, this 100% Mourvedre Chateau Gaussen can talk the talk with anyone from Bordeaux to Brunello to Taurasi.  Dark and layered with hints of cocoa and dark brambly fruit.  Touches of menthol, rhubarb, and earthy spice abound.  This is a complex wine that needs hearty food.  I am not sure there are a lot of Bordeaux wines today that can be as old school as this and still have such depth and character working in unison.  Steaks, stews, and sausages would do well with this one.  Hearty leaps to mind, so does the word “steal”.  As in, this is an under the radar gem at a great price, all things considered.  Not for the faint of heart, it’s almost gone for those who can find it.  Fortunately Frankly Wines, where I was recommended to buy a bottle with a wink and a smile, still has a bit left in the coffers.  Word!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Maps can be helpful. Bandol is located in the Provence region of France.