I purchased the Dr. Thanisch Riesling Spatlese whilst I was in Santa Monica for work at place called Wine Expo, which apparently deals mostly in wines from outside the United States, an anomaly in California.  I just took a chance on this one really.  The bottle looked nice, the price seemed right, and it was a Spatlese with a reasonable alcohol content so I figured on a pretty good chance of success with this role of the dice.  What I didn’t notices was that some wine had leaked out of the bottle.  This only really became apparent after I later removed the capsule.  I feared the worst as the cork began to slide into the bottle while trying to open the damn thing.  Anyway, I did manage to get the soggy cork out and too a whiff of the bottle and is had an off smell.  Bugger I thought, the wines gone and as I began to pour the it down the drain something in the back of my mind said to hold on a tick and just try a sip.  Having poured out a good quarter of the bottle by then I put a bit in the glass, sniffed it and it smelled fine and tasted so as well.  The funk was really just on the top of the bottle and the cork, the Riesling was in tact and smelling fantastic.  Crisis averted!

Dr. Thanisch Riesling Spatlese 2003 – Bernkasteler Badstube ~$18.00

Bright rich yellow with hints of green apple coloring.  Burnt rubber on the nose with hints pear.  Honeyed and sweet.  Rich and round in the mouth.  Rubber lingers, but in such a good way as only Riesling can.  There is an unmistakable delicious factor and a lingering taste of creme brulee.  8.0% Alcohol,  suggests it is on the sweeter side, but the wine is very balanced with regards to the sugar and the acidity.  I really like this wine a lot, and I guess that means I might be becoming a serious Riesling fan after all (thanks Riesling AC!).  There is something infinitely charming about this wine, from its label to the sweet little description on the back of the bottle which reads:  “German wine is worldwide known as a refreshing light wine.  Best enjoyed with fish, light entrees, white meats or by the glass anytime.”  I couldn’t agree more.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED