André Clouet Champagne

How come I’m always the last person to find out really important shit, like that Champagne is the greatest drink ever invented?  I arrived late at this party, but I’m here now and I am making 2013 the year of Champagne.  I wonder if it is that, like most people, I thought Champagne was only for “special occasions.”  Sure, celebrate with Champagne, go for it, but it is also great to have with Thai food on a Monday night.  Or maybe fried chicken on a Tuesday.  I’m sure you get the point, or at least I hope you do.

Anyway, this bottle of André Clouet Grand Reserve NV really stands out amongst recent Champagne I’ve tasted.  It’s from a great producer, with a nice range of wines, and at about $40, it is very fairly priced for the quality in the bottle.  The Grand Reserve is all Pinot Noir blended from three successive vintages.  It is all apples and pear skin with a nice toasty richness.  Drink this stuff on its own or pair it with anything that tickles your fancy.