In the continuing series entitled “Reasons not to hate Chardonnay”, please find Jean Bourdy 2005 Cotes du Jura Blanc.  There is a lot to love about wines from the Jura, and many great and interesting producers.  But the one producer with a real sense of history, it seems to me, is Jean Bourdy.  They are a family affair, with seven generations, going back to the 18th century.  That certainly places them as one of the most historic wineries in France I should think.  They also have an impressive array of older historic vintages which they sometimes release for sale.  If the 1952 Cote du Jura we drank recently is an indication as to the longevity and greatness of the Jean Bourdy wines, then it is further proof of this estates importance in not only the Jura but all of France.  Jean Bourdy reminds me a lot of one of my favorite wineries, López de Heredia; while their reds are certainly impressive wines, the whites can be truly singular and magical.  I thought of López many times while drinking the Bourdy Blanc, especially that the wine was drinking better after being open for a week than it did when it was first opened.  It speaks to the greatness and longevity of the Bourdy wines.  Find the wines of Bourdy, but take the time to let them speak to you, I think you will like what you hear.

Jean Bourdy 2005 Cotes du Jura Blanc ~$27.99

Lemon rind, hazelnuts, salted popcorn and great acidity.  The 2005 Bourdy Cote de Jura Blanc opens slowly, like a symphony and builds.  Tasted over the course of a week, it got better and better.  At the one week mark it was going strong and drinking amazingly.  This bodes well for a very long life ahead for this great wine.  A slow build with a big wow at the end.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED