After my first introduction to Eugenio Bocchino Langhe Nebbiolo, I was clambering to try their Barolo.  And though I might normally lay down a young Barolo, I could not resist sampling the 2006 Eugenio Bocchino Barolo Lu in the name of research.  There is not a lot of info out there on this emerging Barolo producer, and their website is not really all that up to date, but I can confidently say that I have been very impressed with the Langhe Nebbiolo and the Barolo Lu.  In fact, I would say that the 2006 was both approachable now or suitable for the cellar.  It reminded me of that saying that goes something like:  “Wines that are great when they are young are likely to also be great when they are older.”  Let’s hope they update that website of theirs soon for God’s sake, I would like info on these fantastic wines, but in the meantime I guess we will just have to enjoy.

Eugenio Bocchino 2006 Barolo “Lu” ~$50.00

Cinnamon spice, black cherry, and sandlewood are all present on the Eugenio Bocchino 2006 Barolo “Lu”.  The tannins are there but it is drinkable now with decent acidity.  This will be even better with proper age.  Bocchino is a great emerging producer that is definitely on the rise.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED