The 2009 vintage was a watershed moment for wine regions throughout France.  It put serious Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais, (back) on the map and it set record prices in Bordeaux.  It also yielded a great vintage in Burgundy.  And while it may not be the most classic vintage of all time, it is certainly a vintage which gives pleasure, even at a very young age.  I have tasted a few 2009 Burgundies as of late, both red and white, and have been impressed across the board with their approachability and quality.  And while I have been somewhat reluctant to come to red Burgundy over the years, I have come to white Burgundy quite readily.  I actually like a certain amount of complexity, depth, and richness to my white wines.  Though I tend to cringe at an oak signature on red wines I don’t find a moderate amount of oak on some whites, such as Burgundy, to be all that unlikeable.  And great white Burgundies have the capacity to age, though older bottles may be a bit of a gamble with premature oxidation (premox), but when you hit a good one it is a testament to the fact that great white wines can and do age well.

From the lesser known and less well regarded appellation of Saint Aubin comes this little gem from Marc Colin:  Saint Aubin, Le Fontenotte 2009.  This wine underwhelmed me at opening but blossomed in the glass and continued to improve over the course of several nights.  While not as inexpensive as I would like a Saint Aubin to be perhaps, this is a great bottle of wine which should easily impress lovers of Burgundy and Chardonnay alike.  There is great balance and likeability here and if it were half the price I would likely be buying it by the case rather than by the bottle.

Marc Colin 2009 Saint Aubin, Le Fontenotte ~$40.99

Medium bodied.  Hints of lemon rind, rocks, minerals, and crushed flowers.  Great balance with decent acidity and a great approachability.  There is a very mild toast of oak that is barely noticeable when the wine is chilled.  I nursed this bottle over several nights and it only got better with each passing day.  This speaks well to the quality of the Marc Colin – Saint Aubin, Le Fontenotte, and to it’s aging potential.  Really good stuff.  Purchased at Heights Chateau.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED