Every time I try a white wine from Bodegas Marañones I am completely seduced.  In some way I feel like someone has slipped me a mickey and I am being conned.  There is such a richness and depth, that I feel like there is new oak carefully laced through the wine to caress me into a hypnotic trance.  Whether this is the case or not I have not been able to determine yet, so I surrender to the experience and just enjoy.

There is not a lot of information out there on Bodegas Marañones, but it seems to have increased a bit over the past year or so since I first discovered the wines and began singing their praises.  What I have discovered from the slowly expanding Marañones website concerning how the wines are raised, has yet to reveal the percentages of new oak used (I am not sure if any is used based on this statement, though I am assuming a good percentage):  “Whites: cold pre maceration, gentle pneumatic press. Natural racking (24 hours) and then passes its lees to ferment in French oak barrels from 500 to 700 liters, light and medium roast. Aged in oak for 8 to 12 months.”

At any rate, new oak use aside, Bodegas Marañones is producing awesome stuff that continues to impress with it’s depth and quality.  So whether you can find the “Piesdescalzos” or the “Picarana” both are similar in style and character and both price out under about $25US and represent and insanely good price to value ratio (the Picarana is actually under $20 at Chambers Street.)  Marañones whites are wines to pair well with shellfish or a savory pasta, or any place you may drink a fine white Burgundy or white from the Northern Rhone, for example.  Drinking these wines again this summer reminds me why they were staples for last summer’s evening meals.

Bodegas Marañones “Piesdescalzos” 2009 Albillo 

Deep golden, almost brown, in color.  This is a rich wine, with butterscotch, lemon confit, candied pineapple, almonds, hazelnuts, and mint leaf all somehow finding a place.  Awesome now, this could be a serious cellar candidate as well.  The Piesdescalzos is quite an amazing wine, and I will simply say that I am seduced by it, as I have been by all Marañones whites since go.  Purchased at Chambers Street Wines.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – MUST TRY