After an initial hit and run on Red Hook Winery, I went back for a more in depth tasting and tour this past weekend.  I had been intrigued by a couple of their white wines, well they were more orange actually, so we revisited and spent some quality time.  Love the location down on the docks in Red Hook, and while the vintage warehouse space ain’t much to look at, it houses a dizzying array of different wines.  There is one famous consultant wine maker, Robert Foley (of Robert Foley Vineyards), and an infamous consultant wine maker, Abe Schoener (of Scholium Project), as well as an in house wine maker.  That produces some 70-80 different bottlings of wine, and what is cool is that each wine makers wine bears their crest.  A griffin like crest for Bob and a geometric spiderweb thingy for Abe (I am sure it is something important, but I have no idea what it is, but it looks cool), and the resident wine maker, initials CN (more on him later) is a simple red cross style, well, cross.  How convenient that each wine maker came with a crest intact.  We tried a number of reds, some whites, a rosé, another orange wine, etc.  All in all, the wines are very approachable and delicious.  But they are not over the top like California wines, there is some restraint, due to New York State climate and the desire to express that rather than trying to emulate California.  There is something there for the obsessive wine geek to compare different wine makers styles, different clones, different techniques, etc.  And for the wine lover, the wines are very delicious and always approachable.  As a whole, I thought that the white/orange/rose category produced the most successes, but some of the Cab Franc blends had that great green pepper meets menthol component going on and there is some success there as well.  The reds, and the whites too for that matter, reminded me a little bit of say South Africa; not quite new world, not quite old world, but very enjoyable.