It has been a minute since I have checked in on the Jura.  A couple years back, Jura seemed to be on the tip of every wine geeks tongue and on the hippest wine lists.  But then things went quiet.  Or so it seemed to me at least.

During those heady days I tucked away a few bottles, and recently I pulled a Jacques Puffeney 2007 Poulsard M for kicks; check in on how it might be doing after a couple years in the cellar.  Well, quite well, in fact.  The 2007 Poulsard M might be confused for a dark rosé or a light Pinot Noir in color, and it offers up scents ranging from cranberry and spice, to metallic high toned notes, and is simply a pleasure to drink at 13% ABV!  I am really sad that this is my last bottle of this wine as it is a sweet little miracle.

I recall thinking that the Jura is some mythical love child of Burgundy and Barolo, and I still think that holds true.  And although seemingly lighthearted in nature, I think this could age quite well for another decade?  So though the buzz may have passed on the Jura, there is no hangover, just good times.

Jacques Puffeney 2007 Poulsard M

Dark rosé or light Pinot Noir in color.  The nose opens with a metallic high toned note, but this changes, and after a spell cranberry and tart red fruits emerge, with a great spice component to boot.  When you see a 13% ABV wine that is light in color, you will assume simplicity, and you would be wrong in this case, the Puffeney 2007 Poulsard M has great depth in a lithe package.  There is good solid old fashioned acidity in there too, and just enough tannin, to suggest it may hang on for 10 years or so, and maybe longer?  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED