When it comes to drinking white wines from Rioja, I have pretty much stuck with the only producer making old school style Viura based wines, Lopéz de Heredia.  But after trying a glass of Capellanía from Marqués de Murrieta I was instantly captivated by the slightly oxidative scents of a classic white Rioja.  While not as old school as Lopéz de Heredia, Capellania is equally as thrilling in that it has one foot in the old school with the oxidative nose, and one in the new with a touch of oak and a serious delicious factor.  It comes in at 13.5% ABV, so it is not over the top in terms of the alcohol, but it has great depth, balance, and character.  I have utterly fallen for this wine and it now sits alongside the likes of Lopéz de Heredia Gravonia and Tondonia as one of the great white wines of Rioja.  It is also a screaming bargain to boot at under $20.  Word to Murrieta.

Marqués de Murrieta 2006 Capellanía ~$18.99

Medium straw in color with nice gleaming jewel tones, this “updated classic” Viura from Marqués de Murrieta is a very well crafted bottle of wine.  You get classic Viura scents of lemon zest, melon, nuts, and floral notes.  There is a hint of oak but so balanced and integrated that you may miss it, and there is also a slightly oxidative note which speaks to the classic Rioja whites such as Lopéz de Heredia.  Balanced and delicious with great acidity and structure.  That a white wine of this quality is also available for under $20 is also amazing.  Purchased at PJ Wines.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – EXCELLENT VALUE