Sean Thackrey is America’s coolest wine maker.  Now there are a bunch of wine personalities out there, but Sean is the coolest and most interesting, and his wines are insane and different, yet totally likeable and delicious.  They are different most especially in that they reach a place of interest that few other wines do anywhere.  So it was with great enthusiasm that me and a bunch of mates attended a dinner featuring the man himself and his wines at St. Anselm in Brooklyn.  I can’t believe that I had not yet been to St. Anselm, which has garnered a lot of great press, and rightly so based on the acclaimed butcher’s steak and spinach gratin which I tried.  To top it off they have the best collection of vintage Sean Thackrey wines anywhere in the world, and that is by Sean’s own admission.  We tasted through his Lyra Viognier, the non vintage Plieades blend, Aquila Sangiovese, Sirius Petite Syrah, and Orion, his flagship superstar wine.  The first wine I ever had from Sean was a 1989 Orion, which hooked me immediately, and I then became fond of his entry level, non vintage blend, Pleiades.  On this night it was the Aquila Sangiovese which really took my fancy.  It reminded me of an aged traditional Rioja Gran Reserva, but with a touch more unique sweet fruit.  Aquila is my new favorite wine from Sean, but all the wines were simply amazing and Sean and his wines are an experience not to be missed.  An American wine hero, or antihero, depending on how you look at your glass.