Established in 1898, Gordon’s is London’s oldest wine bar.  And despite all the time I have spent in London I have never been to Gordon’s, mostly because I did not know about it (until my mate Christy Frank alerted me).  I am asking myself, how is this possible?  Truth be told, this is not the place for natural wine lovers or boutique wine producers du jour.  This is old, old school.  Like they have barrels of Sherry and Madiera and cave ceilings and, well, just lots of old stuff in a basement.  And it’s kind of perfect.  You can eat in the cellar as I did, or you can eat outside.  There is great traditional English food served daily and at a fair price.  Since this was the old town and the oldest wine place, I went with a Sherry.  The Oloroso to be exact.  Apparently I like Sherry very much.  If I am lucky enough to come back to London, I will be a guest at Gordon’s again.  Not as amazing as it could still be, but pretty damn close.  Worth a visit.  Tube:  Embankment, Charring Cross.  Don’t forget to put your A-Z(ed) in your skyrocket.