Normally I reach right for Rioja when I do up a Paella, or at least a Spanish wine.  It kind of seems like sacrilege not to.  But I have been feeling the Cru Beaujolais lately so I went there instead with the Jean Foillard 2010 “Cote du Py” Morgon.  And if stepping outside of a go to play is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

I had just (finally) purchased a real Paella pan after years of using non stick pans.  The difference, I can tell you, was night and day.  Before we had simply been having a nice Paella, this time it tasted like the real deal.  In fact, it was the real deal.  Hands down, best Paella I have ever made.  The real deal Paella pan is made from carbon steel and it requires a little bit of care, but the return is huge.  This one is from La Paella.

While I rarely follow recipes (except when it comes to baking of course), I find it is important to follow tradition with Paella if you want it to turn out correctly.  It is also important to use a real Paella pan (I am kicking myself for not having got one sooner).  Paella is not Risotto.  You do not stir it for example, you leave it alone.  And you let it burn a little on the bottom to form the prized socarrat.  I have generally stuck with this recipe from Mario Batali’s Spain, A Culinary Road Trip.  Of course I substitute different meats, fish, sausage, chicken, but the core recipe is very authentic.

And finally the Morgon.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Foillard Morgon is my favorite Cru Beaujolais.  I have had a couple bottles of the 2009 and this was my first bottle of 2010.  This is one of those wines that I could drink everyday and be happy.  It’s not pretentious, it doesn’t try too hard, but it has great depth and character.

Jean Foillard 2010 “Cote du Py” Morgon ~$35.00

As stated earlier, the Foillard “Cote du Py” Morgon may be my favorite Cru Beaujolais.  It is a wine which is at once seemingly lite and straight forward, yet has great depth and a bit of brawn.  There is savory red fruit, a great stoney rock like quality, and nice floral and cherry red fruit aromatics.  There is also a decided cinnamon spice note which takes it over the top in the love department.  The La Tache of Beaujolais!  Fairly widely available, Frankly Wines has a good stock.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED