I have had a couple of wines from Señorío de P. Peciña recently due to a massive case of Rioja fever.  After rumors and hearsay from favorite NYC/Brooklyn shops like Chambers Street and UVA Wines, I am happy to confirm that this is the real deal as far as old school style traditional Rioja is concerned.  Only catch, it’s a relatively new producer?  Señorío de P. Peciña dates from 1992, pretty young by Rioja standards, especially considering that the style is old school.  While several old school Rioja style producers still exist (López de Heredia, La Rioja Alta, CUNE, Bodegas Riojanas, etc.), most recent upstarts in the region would certainly be considered new school.

Señorío de P. Peciña does only natural spontaneous fermentation of the grapes.  No inoculation here.  Señorío de P. Peciña also does not use new oak barrels.  It relies on barrels that have already had wine pass through them at least once so that no overtly woody aromas are imparted to the wine.  This allows the bodega to age the wine for extended periods of time without robbing it of its natural character and fruit.  The wine is further allowed to rest in bottle for extended periods prior going to market.  All this, and more, contribute to what is poised to be one of the great classic Rioja producers.  Rumor also has it, that the wine maker spent 20 years at La Rioja Alta.  No wonder I love these wines.

Señorío de P. Peciña 2003 Crianza

The flavors in the 2003 Crianza are classic menthol, mixed with some very transparent spiced wood aromas, sandalwood, as well as bright and sour cherries.  The nose is simply gorgeous and I would easily put this on par with wines like López de Heredia’s Cubillo (and possibly Bosconia and Tondoñia), and La Rioja Alta’s Viña Alberdi (and possibly Viña Ardanza), etc.  I guess the most shocking thing is that a young(ish) producer is willing to enter the game with an old school play.  Not only brave, but a forward looking move as well.  This is truly a discovery in the sea of sameness.  Available in NYC from UVA Wines and Chambers Street Wines ~ $20-$22.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – MUST BUY

Señorío de P. Peciña 2001 Reserva

As good as the 2003 Crianza might be, especially at around $20, the 2001 Reserva is even better, and it comes in around $30.  Super old school style Rioja here, with more depth and refinement.  The nose is awesome.  My wine buddy Aaron and I were wowed at the nose immediately, easily worth the price of admission.  Bright cherry fruit mixing with cedar and earth aromas.  Very complex and inviting.  Maybe even a better value than the Crianza.  Available at Chambers Street Wines ~ $30.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – MUST BUY