G.B. Burlotto is one of the most historic family firms in all of Piemonte, but has been a bit over looked until recently.  With one of the longest standing family traditions in the Langhe, they have been rediscovered by those who appreciate classically styled Barolo.  Their range of wines is impressive, and we tried nearly the entire line up (save the Langhe Nebbiolo and the Langhe Freisa) at the Union Square Wines tasting which featured Fabio Alessandria, who spoke about the wines.  You can watch the video below from the tasting to hear Fabio speak about the Burlotto Barolo’s.

G.B. Burlotto: Fabio Alessandria @ USQ from the zinfidel on Vimeo.

Regarding some standouts from the tasting, Burlotto produces a wine from one of the rarest grapes in the Langhe, Pelaverga.  It was a favorite for is lite vivacious palate.  Another favorite was Lange Rosso Mores, a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera, very interesting and likeable indeed.  They produce a standard Barolo which is excellent and the Acclivi Barolo is what would be considered a Riserva; blended from the best plots and barrels.  But the two standout wines are the single vineyard designated Cannubi and Monvigliero.  And while Cannubi is one of the most famous cru’s in Piemonte, the Monvigliero is certainly Burlotto’s best, most infamous, and most unique wine.  It is produced in a very traditional method where by the grapes are crushed by foot and allowed to spend about two months on the skins, and then the wine is aged in large oak for three years and see’s one year in bottle before release.  No one really makes wine like this any more, and even Burlotto’s Cannubi is not crushed by foot and see’s 2-3 weeks on the skins for example.  And while Cannubi is top notch Barolo, Monvigliero has magic that is unique onto its self.  The nose is singular, and it is as elegant a wine as I have ever tasted.  So while all the Burlotto wines are excellent, no one disputes the exalted air that Monvigliero occupies.

Burlotto 2010 Elatis Rosato ~$16.99

A nice solid rosé.  Fresh, easy, and delicious.  It is refreshing and certainly would make a big splash during the warmer months.  Priced well.  RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2010 Pelaverga Verduno ~$19.99

A vivacious lite bodied red from the rare Pelaverga grape.  Not many people produce wine from Pelaverga so it is a treat to drink.  There is lite spice, violets, and a hint of bubble gum.  Delicious, unique, and easy.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2010 Dolcetto d’Alba ~$18.99

Soft and round and easy as Dolcetto should be.  Lavender notes are there too.  Just an easy wine.  RECOMMENDED

Burlotto Barbera d’Alba ~$15.99

Nice hints of spices and violets and purple fruits.  See’s some oak I think as there is some oak spice there, but it is well integrated.  Again, a straight shooter in the Barbera category.  RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2007 Langhe Rosso Mores ~$29.99

A blend of equal parts Nebbiolo and Barbera.  Fairly extracted, with notes of cherry cordial and spiced wood.  It is a hard wine not to appreciate, but I put this in the modern camp.  In fact, it reminds me more of a California Zinfandel, for example, than a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera, with a decided new oak note.  Nebbiolo and Barbera are rarely blended to my knowledge, but there is some success here, if only in the modern/international sense.  Not much is produced, but it is worth a try, though I think this may be too new fangled in the end.  ON THE FENCE/RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2007 Barolo ~$54.99

Classic scented Barolo blended from their various vineyards of Burlotto.  Balanced with a great sweet lavender quality.  Very pure and approachable.  2007 is looking like a vintage that can be drunk sooner or later.  Nice stuff.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2006 Acclivi ~$59.99

This is the riserva blend from the various vineyards of Burlotto.  The fruits are dark and tight with hints of spice.  In the mouth, the fruit is sweet with notes of violets and lavender.  Classic Barolo.  Should age well.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2007 Acclivi ~$59.99

The 2007 Acclivi shows some of the characteristics of Monvigliero in fact, with hints of cured olives over sweet spiced red fruits.  This is really nice stuff that can be approached now, or held over the next 10-15 years.  Hard not to like.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2005 Cannubi ~$67.99

Tart dark fruits, violets, and spices.  There are moderate tannins that suggest it will age well.  I would put this in the classic category and let it ride in the cellar a bit.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2006 Cannubi ~$67.99

The nose is still a bit tight on the 2006 Cannubi.  This is another classic in waiting, with lite floral aromas and tart red fruits and some spice.  Put this one down for 10 years plus and then enjoy if you can wait.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2007 Cannubi ~$75.00

Again, some cured olive notes are present on the 2007 Cannubi.  There are dark red fruits, spices, and floral notes, but that tapenade whiff is there too.  It is silky and lingers nicely.  The 2007′s are noted for their approachability, and the 2007 Cannubi is no exception.  Great stuff.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 2007 Monvigliero ~$64.99

The crown jewel of Burlotto.  The Monvigliero is noted for not only the classic methods with which it is produced, but for its cured olives meets tapenade nose.  There are sweet and tart red spiced fruit notes, and it is silky and long, with that great salty olive note right on top.  Very singular stuff and a smashing bargain all things considered.  A legend.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – A CLASSIC