There is a scene in Stanley Kubrick’s movie The Shinning where Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, steps back in time to an old glamorous bar.  I cannot help but think of that epic scene every time I set foot in Musso & Frank Grill (the official website) in Los Angeles.  Upon entering, you are in another era.  Old Hollywood is at your fingertips, and there is magic everywhere.  And it’s not all just nostalgia and aged ambiance.  Though it has that in spades, Musso & Frank also has amazing food.  Tons of American classics, actually prepared very well and with great pride.  I took a lot of photos at Musso & Frank (a great fan site), if you have never been, and you want to know what Hollywood was like back in the day, then you ought to check it out.  As they say, everybody who’s anybody has been though the doors.

This is the back entrance to Musso & Frank. It's great because you can pass by the enormous kitchen on the way in. There really is something cool about walking in this way, makes you feel special really. That feeling pervades the entirety of Musso & Frank.

The bar at Musso & Frank is renowned for its excellent old fashioned cocktails. There is a cast of characters at the bar nightly and we were psyched to be a part of it.

This is my favorite photo of the night. At Musso & Frank, the bartenders, waiters, captains, and chefs all take great pride in their jobs, many of them have been there for ages, decades even. Their attire is simply awesome.

Musso & Frank has not only a buzz, but a glow.

Great signage abounds, and some neon. The lighting is spot on at Musso & Frank, and it's all about the lighting.

God is in the details. Musso & Frank has a million of them.

At Musso & Frank's dining counter, you can sit in front of grill master Indolfo and watch all the steaks being cooked. They are done over an open wood burning grill, and you can taste the hint of smokiness in the meat. Delicious.

More details at Musso & Frank. The drinks and specials menu.

Lobster Thermador, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken a la King, Liver and Onions, Imported Sardine Sandwiches. It's all there.

If I could fault one thing at Musso & Frank, it might be the wine list. There is a lot of generic/typical wines, but it's kind of in keeping with the vibe I guess.

On a fairly ordinary wine list, the Au Bon Climat stuck out like a sore thumb. It was a beacon, so we ordered it, and it paired very well with the steaks. I am not a huge Pinot Noir fan, but Au Bon Climat is reliable and well made. Not overdone at all; it had restrained red fruits with a hint of earth and good acidity to cut the steaks. A great straight shooter.

I did not try the bread at Musso & Frank, but I bet it's great. Wanted to save room for all the dinner I guess. The butter cover is another detail.

We all split the Caesar Salad. Simple. Done Well. Not over dressed.

The main event. The 8oz. Filet. Cooked perfectly with a hint of smoke from the wood fired grill. One of the most memorable steaks I have had anywhere. Period. Oh, and the steak fries, also the best.

New York Style Cheese Cake concluded our meal. Musso & Frank's is the best anywhere. I will order it every time no matter how full I am. Not to be missed.

As we were leaving we peered into the enormous kitchen at Musso & Frank. And an amazing thing happened. One of the chefs asked us if we would like to see the kitchen! How freaking cool is that? It made us love Musso & Frank even more. We were shown the walk in, the area where they do all their own on site butchering, and some of the old kitchen appliances. Awesome.

I cannot overstate how HUGE the kitchen is at Musso & Frank. And I cannot ever recall seeing a restaurant kitchen of it's size and scope. What a rare and fine treat to be spontaneously offered a tour.

Good friends Lisa and Martin ensconced in one of the many classy booths at Musso & Frank. Cheers guys.