Yes, you heard it correct.  This is the best bottle of wine I have tried this year at the $15 price point.  I would actually buy this wine again at $30!

I happened to taste the Domaine des 2 Anes Fontanilles at UVA Wines one day not long ago.  There was a guy there pouring some wine and I was like wow, this is pretty good stuff and at $15 how could I say no.  I took a bottle home.  That bottle quickly disappeared and I bought another, and another.  So several bottles later, I am convinced that the Domaine des 2 Anes is the real deal.  Let’s forget the organic hands off approach to the wine making, what’s in the bottle is dynamite.  The wine is not delicate.  It packs dark chocolate, beef jerky, and black cherry elements.  Yet it remains balanced and delicious without ever being overpowering.  There is a lot of character and personality to the wine, and the bottle threw off a nice sediment to boot.  Best thing of all, this wine is ready to roll now.  No need to cellar, though I bet it will probably be pretty solid over the next several years.  The wine is primarily Carignan, with some Granache Noir and Syrah as well.  It hails from the Corbieres region in the Langeudoc, France.  These guys are doing great stuff, the right way, and the proof is in the bottle.  You can find Domaine des 2 Anes in several wine shops in NYC including UVA, Chambers Street, and Astor Wines, as well a couple spots on the West Coast like K&L Wine Merchants.  I really cannot think of another wine at $15 that is this good.  Find this wine, it will be money well spent.