Joe Dressner, a leader in the wine import business, and a seeker of real wines, passed away recently after a long battle with cancer.  He was a respected and outspoken person in the world of wine and an honest fellow.  This is a chance to taste some of the awesome wines in the Louis/Dressner portfolio and contribute to a good cause.

From Chambers:  Save the date! Chambers Street joins nine other New York area retailers to honor Joe Dressner by raising money for Partners-in-Health. (2 to 6 pm, in the spacious confines of Ward 3, 111 Reade St.) We’ll taste a wide range of current releases from Louis/Dressner Selections as well as a few cellar selections. $20 donation please, give more if you can! Here are excerpts from Joe’s writing about Partners-in-Health, see also “PIH has been doing amazing work in Haiti since 1987 and has transcended charity to create an entirely new model of self-help and reliance. The work they do has changed the lives of people who have no resources, people who truly need help and can find it if we help PIH train the doctors and nurses and build the hospitals. This will not make us better people, more righteous or morally superior. I will continue to be a complete asshole. But providing basic medical care in the Third World, through an organization that delivers, will help others become better and healthier.”

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