While I would like to try and put aged rosé into words, I cannot.  I happen to really like rosé wines (a bit of an admission for some guys), but aged rosé is something of a white unicorn.  Very, very rare.  Mythical in fact.  There are really, maybe, only a handful of folks out there who would even dare make an aged rosé.  Hard enough to sell an aged white wine, a rosé, forget about it!  But there is López de Heredia, their Viña Tondonia Gran Reserva Rosado is perhaps the most famous aged rosé in the wide, wide world (click here for more about this on the (z)infidel).

And then along comes the 1999 Etna Rosato from Calabretta.  This is an absolute surprise, and a treasure.  If anyone were to not appreciate this wine I would have to ask them to step out side.  Or at least a thumb war.  Depends on the way the winds might happen to be blowing or the size of the adversary.  But seriously, I bought this wine by accident.  I thought it was the Calabretta Rosso.  But what a freaking happy accident this was.  The 1999 Rosato was an absolute treat:  rich, and savory, and sweet.  It really defies description and expectation, and is just one of those wines that leaves you saying, “I can’t believe how good this is.”  This wine is not easy to track down, I think the 1999 vintage is actually long gone from story shelves.  I returned to Astor Wines to try and purchase additional bottles but they had sold out.  Guess there is more of a market for aged rosé out there than I expected.  But at around $20 this wine is worth seeking out.  Wait for the onset of next summer and rosé season and it may pop up again in your area.  But this is a wine that could be drunk year round really, as this is not just for guzzling, this could be enjoyed with much heartier dishes, pizza, pasta, etc.  And if you can’t find the Calabretta, the López de Heredia Tondoñia Rosado is widely available from many NYC shop and good retailers nationwide (see my wine shop list, most of them carry it).  Real men, and women, drink rosé.  Aged Rosé!

Distributed by Polaner Selections.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – MUST TRY