This is a story about the Super Friends.  The “Super Friends” are wines which I have fallen for and as a result have purchased in quantity (at least six bottles) to have, drink, and hold over several years.  A “Super Friend” wine represents a bottle which has a combination of:

1. Unmistakable Character.

2. Relative Value.

3. The Magic Factor.

The Super Friends live in my wine cellar (their Hall of Justice?).  Some of the Super Friends have been mentioned on the (z)infidel before and probably will be again.  This is just a sound bite to check in on these little time capsules.  Here is where some of the main Super Friends stand today.*

Paolo Bea 2006 “San Valentino” – Montefalco Rosso – Umbria

Medium red garnet with violet hues, the 2006 San Valentino is a red wine, but there are notes of exotic citrus spiced fruits and pomegranate on the nose (citrus and red is rare, like a unicorn dancing on a four leaf clover).  There is solid acidity and the wine evokes the mystery of:  “what am I experiencing here?”  An intriguing wine, with exotic spiced notes, and cranberry/tart red fruit.  The wine is solid across the board and layered, and the finish just goes.  This is Paolo Bea’s entry level wine, can you imagine where it goes from here?  Still a keeper. Read about the earlier showing of the 2006 San Valentino here.  This Super Friend would be brother and hero, Cornel West.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Hervé Villemade 2006 Cheverny “Les Ardilles” – Loire 

The medium garnet color gives way to an initial nose of funk spiced cherries.  But the game keeps changing (no pun intended wine nerds).  Wild spices, cinnamon, and wood spice emerge.  Hints of caramel and balsamic are there, as well as cocoa as the wine opens and gains depth and power.  At 12.5% ABV this blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay is light on it’s feet, yet it is a force onto itself?  Liken to so many other things, it becomes singular.  If it were a band, it would be the Pixies.  This wine has been kept a secret, except to a select few.  It is coveted by those who have tried it.  This is it’s first mention in print on the blog.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Domaine des 2 Anes 2006 “Fontanilles” Corbieres

Violet hued garnet in color, the “Fontanilles” starts out a bit fuzzy and funky like an old teddy bear, but it soon transforms as the funk fades.  After the fuzz, match stick, and barnyard subsides, the dark brambly fruit emerges.  It is layered with lavender and Cassis.  It gains layers of refinement that emerge from the funk, how is this possible?  It’s like and ugly duckling, or more so, the Wonder Twins.  Wonder Twins power activate.  Form of a Woolly Mammoth.  Form of a Black Berry Pie.  Shazam… the sum is greater than it’s parts, which is the essence of the Wonder Twins and the Fontanilles.  See earlier notes on this wine here.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

*While I have always striven to produce as much of the visual content as possible, it has proven difficult to personally photograph Dr. West, even move so the Pixies, and Zan and Jayna, nearly impossible.