"Paolo Bea is the real deal. Get to know his wines."

The 2006 Paolo Bea Sanvalentino is a staple on the wine list at one of my local haunts here in Brooklyn, Marlow & Sons.  I have had it there on a couple of occasions, and loved it both times.  But I happened to score a bottle to taste at home for a more proper review.  I am not going to hold back here:  I really like this bottle of wine.  It is unique and tasty and hard to describe.  The Sanvalentino hails from the hills of Montefalco in Umbria and is a blend of Sangiovese, Montepulciano, and Sagrantino.  Its upbringing was 12 months in stainless steel, 24 months in barrel, and 12 months in bottle.  Nice round numbers.  The wine sells for $30-$35 dollars, and represents a great value.  This is a must try wine.  It is available in many shops around New York City (Chambers Street, UVA, etc.) and elsewhere.  To boot, it’s a Neal Rosenthal wine, which almost always means you are getting a great bottle.

2006 Paolo Bea, Sanvalentino IGT, Umbria

Medium red garnet in color, the nose is a complex combination of bright and sour cherries, menthol, cured meat, and candied cherries.  The acidity is solid and the tartness of the cherries is evident in the mouth feel.  The finish is slightly dry with flavors of orange zest and cherry cola.  The nose of this wine invites you to keep sniffing to try and figure out what the heck is going on in the glass.  Find this wine.  EXCELLENT VALUE – MUST BUY – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED