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My name is Greg.  I am a wine lover.  And I don't get Burgundy.

My name is Greg. I am a wine lover. And I don’t get Burgundy.

Continuing on my quest to try and get to the bottom of this thing called Burgundy, I did another tasting with Acker Merrall after the recent Nuits Saint Georges evening.  This one was an introduction to mature red Burgundy. I can’t say I came away knowing anything more about Burgundy, but I did seem to...
Nuits Saint Georges Tasting

Nuits Saint Georges Tasting

Here are a few things about Burgundy.  It is very intimidating because it is expensive, myraid in it’s vineyards and producers, and there is such a mythical aura placed upon it by those who have become enchanted by it.  I for one am still trying to figure out what it is all about.  Since I...