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Is Cru Beujolais the World's Most Verstile Wine?

Is Cru Beujolais the World’s Most Verstile Wine?

I have a deep and profound, yet giddy love of Cru Beaujolais and I reckon I am not alone in this world with this feeling I am sure.  I recently sat down with an old friend and Beaujolais lover and some Beaujolais newbies to taste through several Crus and check in on what makes Cru...
Jean Foillard 2010 "Cuvée Corcelette" Morgon

Jean Foillard 2010 “Cuvée Corcelette” Morgon

Continuing the current Cru Beaujolais trend I wanted to revisit Jean Foillard’s Morgon Cuvée Corcelette, as I had not yet had a bottle of the 2010, and especially to try and compare it on the heels of the 2010 Morgon Cote du Py which I had recently enjoyed.  The wines are distinct and a bit...
Motley Cru Beaujolais 2009

Motley Cru Beaujolais 2009

Everyone should be drinking some 2009 Cru Beaujolais right now.  Don’t confuse Cru Beaujolais, or even the region of Beaujolais for that matter with Beaujolais Nouveau, the quickly made, cheaply sold, mass market wine from the Beaujolais that is released every fall.  That stuff is a mass marketing gimmick that has dragged the good name...