"The Vinegar Hill area is a small historic neighborhood located right next to D.U.M.B.O. in Brooklyn."

There is no doubt that autumn is beginning to creep up on us here in New York City.  With the cooler temperatures and shorter days comes the urge for heartier fare and wines to go along with comforting food.  I had been dying to try Vinegar Hill House restaurant in the tiny Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn.  It is right next to the now very chic D.U.M.B.O. neighborhood.

"The front of Vinegar Hill House blends into the neighborhood so much so, that you might miss it without the GPS on your iPhone."

Vinegar Hill House is known for fresh local ingredients prepared in a very simple manner, and the entire vibe of the restaurant reflects that.  The outside is unassuming and the decor looks like it has been there for years.  The food doesn’t try too hard and neither does the ambiance or the wait staff.  And you can take that anyway you like.  We had an autumn spiced corn dish similar to Mexican spicy corn on the cob, except it was served off the cob.  The corn was paired with another appetizer of fresh grilled octopus.  Both were very well done.  We paired our appetizers with a light bodied red Trousseau from the Jura region in France.  Trousseau is one of the classic grapes of the Jura, and is similar to a Pinot Noir, if even a bit lighter, but full of delicate sour cherry and earth flavors.  This one comes from producer Philippe Bonard.

"How FOXY is the label on this bottle of red from France's Jura region?"

For our main course we went with a grilled steak served with roasted shallots and bone marrow, still in the bone.  The steak was a bit tough, and the bone marrow in the bone was a bit caveman.  We also had short ribs served over a fresh tomato salad with crispy fried cheese.  I thought this came together better as a dish than the steak.  We paired this course with a fantastic old school Rioja.  The classic full bodied yet balanced nature of the 2001 Heredad de Baroja Gran Reserva was a great match with two hearty meat dishes.

"We moved inside as the night wore on, due to mosquitoes! So this bottle was photographed by candle light."

"Vinegar Hill is a very, very small neighborhood as this sign attests to. Blink and you might miss it."