Sometimes we miss the boat.  This wine is one of those times.  I read about Foradori Teroldego on the website of one of my favorite wine shop haunts in NYC, Frankly Wines.  The proprietor of said establishment (Christy Frank) has a knack for finding hidden gems, which is why I am a regular, and this is/was no exception.  As the website points out, Frankly Wines had been championing this wine, though “frankly” maybe they should have been hiding it away!  Cut to recent New York Times article by resident wine guru Eric Asimov about said wine, and the buzz is on.  And when the buzz is on the wine goes…

And its going, going… well you can guess the next part.  But it’s not quite gone.  Frankly has a few bottles (though I have heard reordering and at this price will be impossible).  Yet searches online reveal that it is out there and still available, though who knows for how much longer.  My advice.  Like Christy’s and Eric’s.  Find this wine before it’s too late.  And it will be too late too soon.  Been there before, once the wheels are in motion, it’s impossible to stop the disappearance of an unsung treasure.  That is the thing about wine.  It’s a finite product, even at the mass production levels (which this wine is not).

Look, this is not the best bottle of wine you or I have probably ever had.  But it might be closer than you think.  And it is great for what it is.  For its price, its quality, and most certainly its character.  This was my one and only bottle, so the scramble is on.  Race you to the finish…  Good Luck!


Foradori 2007 Teroldego Rotalaino – $22.99

Azienda Agricola Elisabetta Foradori is located in northern Italy’s Trentino – Alto Adige.  The wine is 100% Teroldego Rotalaino.  An obscure grape that some claim to be related to Syrah?  This wine could certainly be a variation on Syrah as Syrah is grown in myriad forms around the globe.  But it has its own unique personality and a decidedly Italian character.

Medium garnet in color.  The nose is dark chocolate and pepper spice mixing with tart yet somewhat lush fresh berry fruit.  Solid acidity with fine tannins, the wine lingers as if a whisper and it is drinking very well now, but would love to see how it ages too.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  – GREAT VALUE