Pierre Moncuit

Want to know how to rock a party, be it dinner or otherwise?  Show up with a magnum in hand.  Now if you really want to turn heads you can opt for a magnum of Champagne, as I did for a recent house warming party.  People threw down their Coronas and Malbecs so fast that the mag of Pierre Moncuit Champs was gone before I could even say hello to everyone.  The simple fact of the matter is that magnums turn heads.  People take note, they get a spring in their step, and the smile on their face turns into a grin when you start flashing the magnum around.  Just a fact.

So when en route to the party I stopped by my favorite Brooklyn wine shop Vine Wine and selected a couple bottles of the Pierre Moncuit, and shop manager Sarah Chappell asked if I would be interested in a magnum I quickly replied:  “Is it cold?”  And the deal was done.  Magnum or not, Pierre Moncuit Blanc de Blanc is a tremendous bottle of Champagne and it can be readily had in the $40 price range.  It is crisp, with a touch of toast, and super delicious and drinkable.  It has quickly become my Blanc de Blanc go to.  Make it a Magnum and you’re the party wizard.