Is it just me, or does Chianti not get enough love?  I will readily admit that I have neglected the region of Chianti for some time now.  But after a few recent experiences I find myself rediscovering Chianti and Sangiovese in a major way; like that classic album by that band that you used to love.

The 2007 Podere Casanova – Bucciarelli Chianti Classico was a random purchase from Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  I knew I wanted a Chianti and this is what they had.  At about $18 it was worth the risk.  And the risk paid off.  This is great classic Chianti Classico.  It was everything I expected.  No Merlot.  No French oak.  No spoof.

It is typically comprised of a blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Canaiolo, and 5% Malvasia.  The Bucciarelli is vinified and undergoes malolactic fermentation in stainless steel where it then remains for approximately 6 months, then it is placed into cement tanks for an additional 4 months and finally aged in chestnut barrels for another 7 to 8 months before being bottled.  Sounds like a classic recipe to me and the results speak for themselves.  This is the real deal at a real price and you could drink it regularly and be a happy camper.

Podere Casanova – Bucciarelli 2007 Chianti Classico ~$18.00

Classic Chianti Classico.  Tart red fruits and herbs give way to savory notes and a hint of liquorish.  One of the most satisfying Chianti Classico’s I have ever had.  At under $20 it is a bargain to boot.  Purchased at Dandelion Wine Shop.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – EXCELLENT VALUE