Domaine de la Tournelle is producing some of the finest wines in the Jura region.  I was pretty blown away by a recent bottle of their Ploussard that reminded me not a little of great Barolo, and I was equally blown away by their Terre de Gryphees Chardonnay.  This is not Chardonnay as most people know it these days.  There is no oak, no butter, no spoof.  What there is is a nutty oxidative quality common to many Jura whites, mixing with a great citrus acidity.  This wine gets better and better the longer it is open and it would pair so well with a strong fish dish or some spicy Asian food.  If you have been hatting on the Chardonnay it may be worth checking out Chardonnay from the Jura, and Domaine de la Tournelle is a great jumping off point.

Domaine de la Tournelle – Terre de Gryphées 2007 Chardonnay

Rich yellow color.  Spiced lemon zest.  Almonds, stones, floral notes.  Slightly oixidized, zesty acidity.  I would love to see this in 10-15  years against a Premier/Grand Cru Burg just for kicks.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED