I have wanted to try Buil & Giné wines for some time.  Namely because they are the other major brand imported by my friend Monica Nogues at Think Global Wines.  Her other major brand is Lopéz de Heredia, so if you only represent two brands and one is Lopéz then I kinda think I gotta try your other brand.  So it was chuffed when we turned up for a weeks holiday at my folks house and they had picked up a bottle of 2009 Buil & Giné Rosat.  I am a great admirer of rosé, and this one was fantastic; a deeply colored rosé with great tart red fruits.  It paired well with our roasted lobster dinner.  Can’t wait to try more stuff from Buil & Giné.

Buil & Giné 2009 Rosat

Electric colored Priorat rosé.  Pomegranate and Boysenberry and metallic almonds.  Excellent stuff.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED