Okay, so first off, it’s not all Barolo.  Mostly.  But it’s all classic.  I love the Nebbiolo grape.  More than most.  Maybe most of all.  So there is that in common here.  Basically, I planned an impromptu dinner with some wine loving friends, and we had a great night, with great wine, great food, and good friends.  You could not ask for anything more.  We were at Aurora in Brooklyn (they have two places in Manhattan as well), and they could not have been more accommodating to a group of Nebbiolo loving yahoo’s like us.  The food was perfect, in fact, I think it is some of the best Italian in NYC.  The homemade chestnut pappardelle with mushrooms may be the ultimate Barolo/Nebbiolo pairing?  And as for the wine, well, overall we had a great showing.  One off bottle, an old one at that, so no biggie.  And a surprise bottle of Vietti from a generous guest to offset the one stinker.  I remember sitting back in about the third quarter and just thinking how perfect it all was.  An effortless evening all around.  Long live the king of wines!

Vietti 2003 Barbaresco, Masseria

Generously provided by our friend Craig, the 2003 Vietti Masseria has great dark fruits, sanguine fruits.  There is a nice liquorish note and the tannins are still a bit grippy.  A very likeable Barbaresco.  Showing well for a 2003 but I would give it longer in the cellar.  I love the Vietti labels.  RECOMMENDED

Barale 1995 Barolo, Bussia Riserva

Starts with a classic Barolo nose of tart red fruits, and there are some sweet red fruits that emerge, but over all it is still tight as a drum.  Firm tannins on the palate.  This one needs a lot of time to unwind.  Like forever maybe.  If the tannins do soften, in like another 10-20 years, there is a classic in waiting.  For now it is too tight.  RECOMMENDED

Burlotto 1995 Barolo, Nerine

I will not hide that I am a great lover of Burlotto.  For me, and many others, this was the wine of the night.  The most delicate of all the wines, it is already in a great place for drinking.  Great tertiary notes of tapenade, green olives, earth, and light sweet red fruits.  There is great restraint and great length.  Just a gorgeous wine.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – CLASSIC

Borgogno 1996 Barolo Riserva

A great classic Barolo with a great classic Barolo nose.  Text book.  Sweet and tart red fruits mixing with hints of liquorish.  This one will hang for another 10-20 easy.  Nice.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Bartolo Mascarello 1997 Barolo

Classic Barolo from the Maestro, Bartolo Mascarello.  Tart red fruits and lovely hints of fragrant lavender on the nose.  This is classic Barolo in the making.  You can drink it now, but this one is only going to get better, will last for ages.  If you love Barolo, you must know Bartolo Mascarello.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Berteletti Fratelli 1967 Spanna

This bottle was off, bit of cork and weirdness.

Borgo 1967 Spanna

The Borgo 1967 Spanna was on.  The darkest and most concentrated of the wines of the night.  Dark fruits, funky cocoa notes, and some balls.  Actually a surprisingly delicious wine.  Very well received by all.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Rinaldi 1971 Barolo

Though I give the edge to Burlotto, I loved the 1971 Rinaldi.  This is mature classic Barolo.  It’s there.  It’s not going to get better, and it’s awesome.  High toned acetone notes galore.  Cinnamon spice, truffles, match stick, and incense all come into play.  It spreads out on the plate and lingers with nice acidity still showing.  A classic aged Barolo.  Wow.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – CLASSIC

Danielle's Tasting Notes

If it grows together, it goes together. Mushrooms go with Barolo like nobodies business.