I am not really sure what to make of some of the wines from Brooklyn based Red Hook Winery, but a good friend brought a bottle of their Whole Cluster Press Cab Franc over for a recent BBQ and I was intrigued by its unique color and aromas, so I swung by the Red Hook Winery to grab a couple bottles for further analysis.  Whilst there I tried a few other interesting things, like their extended skin contact Chardonnay, which really veers into orange wine territory.  They do a lot of bottling at the Red Hook Winery, too many maybe, but it must be fun to make so many experimental wines.  The winery ain’t much to look at, it is housed in the old warehouses on the docks in Red Hook, but the view is spectacular and the wines intriguing.  Their website is not very impressive, just a landing page?  Would love to find a run down on all the interesting wines they make.  As my initial contact was a hit and run, I am putting another visit on the cards to really tuck into all they have to offer, but the Whole Cluster Cab Franc and Orange Chardonnay Reserve are both noteworthy indeed.

Red Hook Winery 2010 Cabernet Franc, Whole Cluster Press, Willow Hill Vineyard, North Fork ~$24.00

Long title, delicious wine.  Not sure how to classify this.  It looks orange, so orange wine?  Not quite rosé, not quite white?  Fragrant peach skin and melon and lychee; there is a nice nutty roundness on the palate with delicate acidity.  Very fragrant and very quaffable.  A pretty wine that goes down a treat at 12.1% ABV.  Different, yet totally approachable.  RECOMMENDED

Red Hook Winery 2010 Chardonnay, Gristina Vineyard Reserve ~$30.00 (500ML)

Well, even more orange, and more fragrant.  This is billed as extended skin contact Chardonnay and is yellow meets rust in color.  Cranberry hints, orange zest, melon, peach skin.  12.4% ABV sits nicely on the palate as well.  Let this one ride a few years in the cellar and see if it goes Radikon/Gravner? The 500ML bottle is certainly a nod to those camps.  RECOMMENDED