It’s nearly Spring and Gamay has sprung.  At my local haunt Diner they are serving Domaine St. Nicolas Fiefs Vendéens 2010 “Gammes en May” Gamay by the glass.  It comes in a clear bottle (different), and the color is a nice rich purple with stoney red and purple fruits, and it goes down a treat.  The estate is biodynamic since 1995 and the wine seems to retail for just over $20.  It is imported by Jon-David Headrick Selections which seems to specialize in natural wines from the Loire.  I am putting it on a watch list as this is excellent Gamay (is that an oxymoron?).  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

The beauty is that Gamay pairs with an insanely wide amounts of dishes, foods, and cuisines.  I opted for the brisket sandwich on focaccia, and it was a great match.