It’s fun to try and put together a few bottles of wine for a dinner or tasting that will go with each other nicely.  It’s kind of like stringing words together to form a Haiku or something.  Sometimes it’s easy; pick a region or a grape variety and go.  But it’s more challenging, and sometimes more fun, to pick some different things.  I chose one bottle and let that lead on to a few others that I thought would be interesting to try together.  I have to say that this was one of the best sets of wine I have had together in some time; they were all just delicious, and they complemented each other nicely and seamlessly flowed from one to another.

It all began with a bottle of Romaneaux Destezet Syrah.  I have tried wines from Hervé Souhaut several times, and they are some of the purest expressions I have tasted from the Rhone.  They are part of the Jenny & Francois portfolio and their wines are consistently outstanding.  I am a big fan of their Gamay as well, which is unique for being produced in the Northern Rhone, an area not typically noted for the Gamay grape.  Since the Romaneaux Destezet Syrah comes in a only 11.5% it is not what you typically expect from Syrah in the Rhone, it is lighter and very pure.

In fact, it reminded me of a Cru Beaujolais a bit and that led me to the 2009 Pierre-Marie Chermette Brouilly.  I had not tasted wine from this producer, but the bottle had come recommended from Chambers Street so I was pretty optimistic.  And I can say it did not disappoint.  In fact, it rekindled my deep love of Cru Beaujolais.  This is a category of wine that is often overlooked because Beaujolais’ name has gotten a bad wrap due to a certain Beaujolais Nouveau.  But don’t let that bad wrap fool you, Cru Beaujolais is awesome.  Best of all the category tops out at $40!  Hello??  And did I mention the wines are freaking delicious.

Which led to opening another bottle of Beaujolais, but from Morgon (a different cru).  One of my favorite producers in Beaujolias is Jean Foillard (along with Marcel Lapierre).  The 2009 Folliard “Cote de Py” Morgon is some serious juice.  This is a Beaujolais that can age well I reckon; as sophisticated as it can get in this part of town.

And then for the final wine I went out on a limb, but came up roses I think.  The last stop on the train was California.  A departure, I know, but Clos Saron just seemed the final wine in the evolution.  And it worked.  It took it over the top a bit, but on the arc of wines that night, it could only have concluded.  A dense wine with an almost even split of Syrah and Merlot, with loads of unfiltered sediment (a Clos Saron signature), it was almost dessert.  Almost.

Hervé Souhaut – Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet 2010 Syrah ~$28.00

This Syrah weighs in at only 11.5%!  It is very pure with earthy red fruits, rocks and stones, and great levity.  Purity keeps coming to mind.  Another great bottle of wine from a great producer.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Pierre-Marie Chermette - Vissoux, 2009 Brouilly ~$25.00

Sweet silky red and purple fruits.  Blackberries and compote.  Just pure and chewy and delicious.  Goes down a treat.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Jean Foillard “Cote du Py” 2009 Morgon  ~$33.00

Dark red and purple fruits.  Hints of earth and spice.  Structured enough to age a bit too, but it’s drinking well now.  It’s a powerful Beaujolais that reminds me a bit of Bordeaux, or a well structured Burgundy, actually.  Really nice stuff – Foillard is typically a big favorite.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Clos Saron 2006 La Cuvée Mystétieuse ~$39.00

Concentrated, dense, and structured.  The fruit is deep, reminding me not a little of a Ridge Zinfandel for example.  This is a blackberry and blueberry pie of a wine with fruit to spare.  Not sugary (no Turley here thank you!), just dense, dark, pure fruits.  RECOMMENDED