I doubt there really is any significant percentage of Americans who actively seek out wines from the Loire.  Or is there?  Looking into what people look at on this here blog, Loire is up there.  So that inspired me to open a bottle of Domaine Filliatreau 2010 Saumur, which I have had hanging around since trying it at UVA Wines at a charity tasting for the importer Joe Dressner who passed away this past year after a long battle with brain cancer.

At any rate, the Loire is one of France’s largest wine growing regions; it has great history, monumental chateaux, and authentic wines at often very attractive prices, yet it is frequently missed in a scramble for Bordeaux this or Burgundy that.  The Chatuau Fouquet bottling is from an old vine plot that is farmed bio dynamically.  It is raised in stainless steel and is bottled unfiltered.  Like many a Loire wine, it starts out funky and gets friendly.  It also rolls in at about $15.  Done deal.

Domaine Filliatreau – Chateau Fouquet 2010 Saumur ~$15.00

Menthol meets green pepper and cherry rhubarb, and tree bark pie.  That’s Cabernet Franc from the Loire.  Decent acidity and drinking now.  Will it age?  Don’t care.  I think this is the kind of wine I would be very happy to encounter in a Paris bistro.  Not life changing, but characterful enough to rock your next coq au vin or cassoulet.  RECOMMENDED