I was as surprised as I was delighted by this swanky cheap wine chart penned by Alice Feiring for The New York Times.  Surprised because Alice is usually recommending natural wines (or Naked Wine based on her latest book) to the world; and delighted because it is always good to get good cheap wine recommendations.  For this Alice reached out nationwide to many people who are considered wine professionals.  It is always key to hear what those in the know are drinking, and here it is all conveniently displayed in one attractive chart.  Hallelujah!

I would love to weigh in on this, and the one wine which continues to come to mind lately is the Natalino Del Prete 2009 Salice Saletino, Terre Nova.  It retails at Chambers Street Wines for $12.49.  That really just seems such a preposterously low sum these days for a great bottle of wine.  It really is just one of the most pleasurably authentic and affordable wines I have had in recent memory.  Well, there’s my two cents.