Today we check back in on my favorite new producer from Spain, Bodegas Marañones, with their pure 2008 Garnacha offering “Labros”.  And by new I mean that this is a new bodega, with a very talented young wine maker (Fernando ‘Fer’ Garcia), doing amazing things in a natural way.  All this right out of the gate with only a few vintages under the bodegas belt.  Fer is making wine in the most natural way possible, from old vines farmed organically, in the Vinos de Madrid appellation of Spain.

This is one of those producers that I feel we will look back on and say:  “I told you so.”  I can personally thank Chambers Street Wines, and in particular Chris Barnes, who was pouring these wines at a Spanish wine tasting at the shop a few months back.  The “Picarana” a white produced from the Albillo grape was my favorite wine at that tasting, it really stood out.  I have sung the praises of Picarana, along with the Granacha/Syrah blend Treinta mil Maravedies, on this here blog.  There are a couple other bottlings to still try from Bodegas Marañones and I am so looking forward to that, and to future vintages, and further exploits from one of Spain’s most vanguard producers.  Viva el Fer!

Bodega Marañones 2008 Garnacha “Labros” ~ $26.00

The “Labros” is a step up in price from the “Treinta mil Maravedies”, and it is more structured with bigger tannins and is quite tight at the moment.  But there is good acidity and I reckon a few more years in bottle will soften this savage beast a bit.  None the less with some aeration there is a great mix of plum skin and cherry pit and chocolate spice.  Drink the “Trienta mil Marvedies” now and put the “Labros” in the cellar for a few years and you should be all good.  Purchased at Chambers Street Wines.  RECOMMENDED

Vinos de Madrid