Whenever I drink the wines of R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia, I cannot help but think of the words used to describe them that were spoken by the person who perhaps knows them the best, María José López de Heredia:  “The best wine is the one you cannot describe.”  It reminds me of how maybe Thierry Theise might describe a wine.  But the wines of López de Heredia defy the normal words used to describe fruit, body, and structure.  They seem to not let you apply these descriptors at all.  They remind me of music, and normally I would like to say rock music, but they are classical music.  And while I know very little about classical music I know greatness when I hear it, if it moves me, if it speaks to the soul.  So while thinking about a bottle of López de Heredia 2004 Viña Cubillo (their entry level red Crianza ~$25) I could not help but think of Claude Debussy’s Claire de Lune.  It is a subtle, beautiful piece, which has inspired many an other artist, like Steven Soderburg, for example, who used Claire de Lune beautifully in the final shot of Ocean’s Eleven, an all time personal favorite movie.  A movie which defies expectation.  Why is it so watchable, so memorable, I have not been able to ever figure out why.  I guess I will keep watching, keep searching, and that is what I find myself doing every time I drink a bottle from López de Heredia.  López de Heredia wines are available at fine purveyors of wine throughout the world.  If you have never tasted them, then you have not yet lived.