This is just a review of a few wines I have tasted at home recently. No particular theme here, just bottles I thought might be interesting.

2007 Sassetti Livio – Pertimali, Rosso di Montalcino ~$32.00

I had high hopes for this wine as I love this producers Brunello (they were part of the Brunello tasting blogged about in June).  Essentially, the Rosso is a younger version of Brunello.  It receives less aging and is released sooner so it is generally more approachable at a young age.  Since it was from a great producer, I figured it would be pretty good, but I was wrong.  Right off the bat, the wine had a slight effervescent quality when I first poured it into the glass.  The color is medium garnet, and it is medium bodied and tart in the mouth.  There is some light cooked fruit and vegetal notes on the palate.  The finish is slightly drying and the wine just seems disjointed.  This wine has received some good reviews, so I am hoping this was just an off bottle.  Purchased at Le Du Wines.  NOT RECOMMENDED

2003 Haut Carles, Fronsac, Bordeaux $23.97

The Haut Carles has a medium dark purple color in the glass and the nose has notes of musky dark wood, earth, and smoke.  There is dark fruit underneath, and a caramel note as well.  It is modern in style with new oak coming through, but there is a slight rustic edge too that saves it a bit.  It drinks well now and should hold pretty well for next 5-7 years.  The wine is primarily Merlot.  Purchased at PJ Wines.  ON THE FENCE

2001 Beronia Gran Reserva, Rioja $19.98

Medium brick garnet in color, the nose instantly offers up lots of sweet toasty oak.  There is dark fruit underneath, but it is in an oak box.  The mouth feel is biggish, and there is a slightly manufactured feeling to the wine due to the oak dominance.  None the less it is fairly delicious, if one dimensional.  New school style Rioja, could be a ringer for a California Cab or something out of Australia.  But for under $20, not a bad deal, though I think you can get something a bit more traditional out of Rioja for less than this.  Purchased at Wine Library.  ON THE FENCE