I have loved “ponies” ever since my college days.  For those of you who may not know what a “pony” is, and I hope there are not many of you, I will tell you.  A “pony” is a half sized vessel.  Typically applied to a bottle of beer, but also applicable to kegs.  And while I have largely left my beer drinking days behind, I still have a fondness for the ponies.  So when I saw these adorable little half bottles of Caves Jean Bourdy Cotes du Jura, I could not resist them, I mean come on, they are so friggin’ cute!  The half bottle is such and underrated thing.  It’s the perfect size when drinking for one, it’s portable, and it’s cute.  I do believe this is the first half bottle from the Jura that I have come across, and a finer pony I think I have not found.  It certainly gives Miller High Life (yes the Champagne of Beers) a run for its money.  Though I purchased two bottles of the red Cotes du Jura (a blend of Poulsard Trousseau, and Pinot Noir) these little munchkins are also available in the white variety (made from Chardonnay in fact) at Frankly Wines.

Caves Jean Bourdy 2006 Cotes du Jura $14.99 (.375ml)

On the darker richer side for a Jura red, this is a blend of Poulsard, Trousseau, and Pinot Noir.  There is a concentrated nose of cassis dark berry fruit confit, along with exotic spice, and fresh tobacco.  But the wine is light on its feet with decent acidity and moderate tannin.  At only 12.5% ABV, the Bourdy Cotes du Jura is infinitely drinkable.  The Bourdy wines are known to age quite well, 50-60 years they claim, but you may not be able to wait that long.  Purchased at Frankly Wines.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED