File the Cascina Gilli Freisa d’Asti under:  Wine you never knew you liked and needed.  There are probably very few of you folks who have tried a Friesa.  Even as a lover of wines from the Piedmont in Northern Italy, I had only ever really heard or read about Freisa in passing.  It is unfortunately often a foot note after the more high profile Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto grapes which (rightly so) get all the attention in the Piedmont.  But to overlook this little gem would be a shame because the wine is singular, different, and utterly fantastic.  I am actually kicking myself for not having tried a Friesa sooner.  What was I thinking?  If it is from Piemonte, how bad could it be after all?  The Casina Gilli Freisa is also very affordable, and only moderately difficult to find.  I purchased my bottle from one of my often cited NYC shops Frankly Wines.  But it can be found at wine super purveyor Wine Library as well, and no doubt elsewhere.  In fact, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk reviews this wine on Wine Library TV.  If you don’t believe me, see how excited Gary is about this wine and hopefully that will get you all to find a Freisa.

Cascina Gilli – 2008 Freisa D’Asti  ~$18.00-$22.00

Medium Garnet in color, the initial aromas grab you with strawberries, rhubarb, and sweet vinegar earthy tones.  There are tart cherries present and there is a great mouth feel with good acidity.  The mid plate is solid and the finish lingers.  The wine is neither lush nor austere, and as it gets air on it the palate lifts even more with secondary notes of menthol, fennel, apricot, and fresh plums.  This is a lovely wine that should be tasted as it is unique and delicious.  You wonder how a grape like Freisa is not a lot more popular than it is.  Best discovery in while.  Purchased at Frankly Wines.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – MUST TRY