Continuing on my quest to try and get to the bottom of this thing called Burgundy, I did another tasting with Acker Merrall after the recent Nuits Saint Georges evening.  This one was an introduction to mature red Burgundy. I can’t say I came away knowing anything more about Burgundy, but I did seem to come away with some of the same impressions.  We tried 13 wines in all.  One of which was a young 2008 so that we could have some reference point as to what Burgundy is like upon release.  The other dozen wines (of which two were corked, so we really actually only ended up tasting ten wines) were all at various stages of maturity ranging in vintage from 2000 going back to 1989.  Of the 10 wines that were tasted, I would say there were two that were real stand outs and two runner ups.  The other six were kind of ho hum.  So that left me with a similar impression to the Nuits Saint Georges, that you have to wade through some so so bottles to get to the few magical ones when it comes to Burgundy.  I asked this very question to the table I was seated at and there was real no clear answer that came back from the other guests.  Though some sort of seemed to agree by saying that many of the wines did not show that well at the table.  But there were some die hard Burg fans there and they seemed to say that they would stick to their guns and keep on with Burgundy.  One woman said that she liked Burgundy because it was lighter in body and that is what she drank all the time.  I wondered why she did not like more of the wines at the table then if Burgundy is what she drinks most often.  Probably the other thing that is really important with Burgundy wines that I took away from both tastings, is that they really need to be aged.  When young they are certainly not as pleasurable as when they are properly aged, but unless you are buying Burgundy on a yearly basis and socking it away for the right time frame of drinkability, then most of it is probably being consumed too young.  I don’t want to sound pessimistic as it really is not all bad news as there were a couple really fantastic wines at the tasting.  But I still feel like I don’t quite get it?  And it kind of makes me feel awkward, but I admitted as much to the table at least:  “My name is Greg.  I am a wine lover.  And I don’t get Burgundy.”

1988 Coste-Caumartin Pommard Les Fremiers
Pale Garnet with some browning at the edges. There are notes of leather and red cherry fruit, and mint on the nose. The wine is tart in the mouth and drying on the finish. NOT RECOMMENDED

2000 Jadot Corton Greves
Medium red garnet with and orange rim. There is a strange spice mix on the nose, with hints of citrus and mushroom. The nose is darkish with moderate acidity and tannins on the palate. ON THE FENCE

2000 Camus Chambertin
Medium red garnet in color, with a spiced red fruit character. The nose has a ripe Pinot quality. It is round in the mouth with almost no tannin or acidity. ON THE FENCE

1998 R. Armoux Eschezeaux
Solid medium red garnet in color, noth nose is spicy red pepper fruit. The are sweet braised cherries and match stick here as well. Moderate acidity and fairly balanced. There is a slightly cooked quality which for me was not off putting, but several other taster found it a bit off. ON THE FENCE/RECOMMENDED

1993 J.J.Confuron Clos Vougeot
Medium red garnet with hints of browning at the edge. There are some lite floral nuances to the nose, but the wine is rather tight. There is a hit of acidity on the palate but not much else. NOT RECOMMENDED

2001 B. Clavelier Corton VV

1999 H. Gouges Nuits Saint George Les Pruliers
Solid medium red garnet in color, the Gouges had mint and sweet cherry red fruit on the nose. In the mouth it is rather tight and tart however. Lackluster really. NOT RECOMMENDED

2001 Perrot Minot Mazoyeres Chambertin
There is a medium red garnet color with hints of rust on the edge. The nose is nice with hints of dark truffles, a touch of vinegar, and greeness. There is also some minuteness on the mid palate. Not bad. RECOMMENDED

1996 Comte Armand Clos des Epeneaux

1989 Posusse d’Or 60 Ouvrees
Medium red garnet in color with moderate browning at the edge. There is some funky earth and leather here. Spicy dark cherries are also at play and for a 1989 the acidity is holding solid. Mature Burgundy that is drinking well right now, but will hold another ten years with that acidity. I like. Probably my personal favorite of the night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

2000 J. Roty Charmes Chambertin Tres VV
The color is solid medium red garnet. There are sexy notes of sweet cherry red fruit. The style is a bit more ripe here with floral and minty notes as well. The most delicious wine of the night. A contender. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

1997 A & F Gros Richebourg
Red garnet with and orange rim. There is lite sweet red fruit and a whiff of oak here. Slightly tight at first, it opens with air and the acidty is solid. Expected a bit more from one of the preported best in Burgundy. RECOMMENDED